In typing this "ICYMI" entry, I am performing my last entry as the show runner of The Fourth Wall's first season. I hope you've enjoyed the season, and the episode.

I've been hanging out around here for over a year, but now it's time to leave for a while. As I leave, I see shopkeepers putting up tinsel around their store fronts. Reggie isn't happy about it. Where recently there stood a Starbucks, the Watson Memorial is under construction. On their way to The Board Room, Abigail and Hawthorne are arguing about... something. It sounds bleak.

I kind of wish I could tell them what's going to happen to them in the future, but that's not the way this works. Doesn't make me any less responsible for it, I suppose...

As I enter one of the gate generators, none other than Orson Welles is waiting for me.

"Shall we, young man?" he asks.

"Sure," I reply. "But just one last time. Also, I didn't know you were fictional."

He contorts his right eyebrow, and I put my hands up in supplication. "I'm kidding. Let's go."

I take one last look around. It feels like an ending, and yet, I know I will be back. I join Orson in the vehicle and request the Board Room to open a gate to a particular fictional world with which I am familiar. They kindly oblige.