Where creativity went when it said it was going out to get cigarettes.

Me, sometime last year.

Me, sometime last year.

My name is Mac Boyle and I am a writer. With Bill Fisher, I am the co-creator of "The Adventures of Really Good Man." I have made it my life's work to put the filmmaker Orson Welles in unusual situations. I am currently working on the third book in the Orson series, where he will try to successfully run an Arby's franchise in Toad Suck, Arkansas*. In my spare time, I work for an un-named federal agency that is one-hundred percent NOT a cover for the CIA. If the universe hadn't seen fit to create pinball, I might have been a truly great man. I live in Oklahoma** with my wife, Lora.

Here, you will find information on my books. I also post blog entries here. Check out my list of friends!

~Mac Boyle

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* That started as a joke, but I'm worried it is now all-too real.

** Not to be braggy, or anything...