Cheat Week

I started this year with the goal of blogging at least once per week. Blogging is real hard, folks. In the past several weeks, trying to maintain the pace of the blog has taken precious time away from producing the novels that I first built this site to promote. So, I'm revising the initial promise I only previously made to myself. Every eight weeks I'm going to give myself a cheat week, kind of like people trying to diet*. 

So next week I'll be back. Some of the blog entries I'm working on for the next few weeks include an ode to famous writing spaces (and the inherent misogyny of such a concept), a new book review (someone's been up to murder in a strip mall, and I for one would only trust Shannon Iwanski to guide us through the mystery), and a study of nerd blind spots**.

As I'm letting myself off light, I think you should do the same. If you're putting in your time with whatever it is you do, don't be afraid to give yourself a break every now and then. Your blog will always be there tomorrow.

What's that? In the process of avoiding a blog entry this week, I've somehow managed to make a blog entry? What are you, the blogging police?



*Diet. Ha. I know, right?  

**Spoiler alert: That entry will be spent largely complaining about a certain TV show I prefer to think of as "Two Dim-Witted Gap Models try to figure out the Devil."