Lora is the best. I would recommend you marry her, but I beat you to it. She is a better person than you, and way better than me. She spends her time trying to make the world a better place.

I would also like to think Shatner is my friend.



Bill has been with Party Now, Apocalypse Later since the beginning. He starred as Really Good Man back in the day, and now works on continuing his adventures in comic form. He drew the cover for both "The Devil Lives in Beverly Hills" and "Orson Welles of Mars." We have been partners in crime since sometime in the last millennium.

chris moore

At first glance, you may think that Chris Moore is an internet comment board brought to life. However, he is one of the nicest guys on the planet. He'll be horrified to learn that second part. He's my favorite person to argue with online. He's in "The Adventures of Really Good Man" and that movie would have never gotten finished without him.

He works for the Tulsa World now. He blogs for them and can be heard on their Prairie Nerds Podcast.


If you seek an editing group with open minds and Jack Burgos, you can look no further! The Nevermore Edits Group is where you need to be. We meet Fridays, 7PM at Mammoth Comics in Tulsa. I'm their President now.  Join them, won't we?

jack burgos

The crack above settled the question of which of the Nevermore/Murder folks I would list first. Jack Burgos is a gentleman and a scholar. Any previous insinuations I made are damned lies. He writes wonderfully and ambitiously. He is a vital part of both Nevermore and Murder.


Adrean is a fearless leader of fearful things. She is Editor-in-Chief of A Murder of Storytellers and Vice-President of Nevermore Edits. She writes, to borrow a phrase from my mother, like a motherfucking sorcerer. She will make it big long before the rest of us, and that ascension will drive the worst kind of people absolutely out of their mind. It's a good thing.

cj miles iv

CJ was either named after my dear sainted dog, or the dog was named after him. Also, the two events may be completely unrelated. I can't remember. Time travel is hard, folks. He is the region's preeminent H.P. Lovecraft scholar. It's reasonable to assume his soul has already been pledged to Cthulhu. He is a skillful Dungeon Master, and needs to write more. When he does, we really enjoy it.

shannon iwanski

Shannon is the current President of Nevermore Edits, and Editor-in-Chief of Inkubus Publishing, LLC. He is a conundrum, wrapped in an enigma, ensconced in a dirty magazine. I mean all of this in the best way possible. He has gotten me to write in genres I never would have considered before, with some degree of success. His stuff is terrific and he boldly eschews getting stuck in one genre with every turn. Don't believe me? Read all about it here. He is currently re-defining the Spy Parody genre. Count on it. 

erin cochran

Erin is a new writing friend. We spent most of the month of November 2015 egging each other on to win NaNoWriMo. We both won. She may be the Apollo Creed to my Rocky Balboa, or the other way around. Either way, it's a weird image. Her new novel "Of Noble Blood" is terrific! You should read a review of it on my blog!



Sam is a fan of romance. She is absolutely fearless in her writing, and that assessment has nothing to do with the fact that she usually brings fudge to our critique sessions. If she doesn't stop putting commas after she closes a quotation, she'll put me in an early grave. I have no idea how she lassoed her domain name, but I imagine she gets some traffic.

malea thomas

Malea stumbled upon the Nervermore Edits group one day, just like me. We read a lot of M/M erotica in that group, and she is my only hope to break that streak! She has wonderful stories about things that happened to her in cars.  At least, I think they'll be wonderful. Get to work Malea!

* I Believe "Friends" is a registered trademark of Warner Bros. Television, but I'm going to think it falls under fair use.