Flash Fiction Story 025: "What The Turning Point In The Revolutionary War Was"

Timmy Smith

Social Studies

Grade 6



What The Turning Point in The Revolutionary War Was

    There are many possible turning points in the American Revolutionary War. Some say that the victory at the Battle of Saratoga proved to the world that American soldiers could hold their own against a larger enemy. Some say that continued assistance from enemies of the British like Spain and France helped. However, many smart people would say that the landing of three flying saucers from another planet in New York City around Christmas 1777 was the most important factor. 

    Some sources indicate that there was a chance that France and other countries were thinking about openly supporting the Americans (instead of just quietly giving them money, supplies, and weapons). One can’t help but wonder how history might have changed had they done so. One also can’t help but wonder how history might be different had the three V’shrilao-class warships from the Beta Antares star cluster not made their presence known, but that’s not what this paper is about. 

    The three ships immediately exploded the British forces barricaded in New York City, made England unable to continue to wage war there, and world history would never be the same. One of the ships immediately flew to London. There, they destroyed the Palace of Westminster and forced King George III of England and his Prime Minister, Lord North to cease all hostilities with the American Colonies. Interestingly enough, Lord North survived the destruction of Parliament, as he was playing cribbage with the Earl of Sandwich at the time, and they were eating a dish that consisted of meat placed between two pieces of toasted bread. While they never came up with a name for this dish, what with all of the aliens surrounding them, if you ask me they should bring this strange invention back. It sounds delicious. 

    Anyway, just as we Americans thought we might run our own affairs for once, the aliens returned and, as you well know, put forth the three directives we in North America most follow to this day:

    1) Fidelity to your betters from Beta Antares IV is an absolute necessity.

    2) Doubt about your subservience will not be tolerated, and should never be expressed.

    3) Happiness is not a choice; it is an imperative.

    Some say that American (and World) history was very dark for many years after this time, but actually we were kept fed and sheltered while the Antarian armada proceeded to harvest the rest of the planet’s natural resources. Me and my family and my friends would not be here today if the Beta Antares people had decided to harvest their petroleum from one of the other oil-rich planets in the Orion-Cygnus Arm. It is certain that we owe them a great debt for the lives that we have.

    In conclusion, the importance of the first visits from Beta-Antares on American history cannot be overstated. They shifted history for the better by blowing things up in England. I also would like to try eating something that is two slices of bread covering up some meat. More important than the bread-meat mix that Lord Sandwich and Lord North ate (maybe we should call it a Meat North?), the three directives from our alien overlords keep us safe. And—I cannot stress this enough—the creatures that saved us from British rule are pretty good. I like them a lot.

Art by Eris O'Reilly

Art by Eris O'Reilly