Flash Fiction "Story" 021: "More On This Story As It Develops"

Confession: I kind of like writing the stories that appear in this blog. But I think I’m coming to the realization that I’m most at home writing scripts. I think various people who read my work would agree, but that’s either a discussion for another time, or a digression during a therapy session that might take up the entire session.

But I digress.

In an effort to keep things lively and different here on this space, I offer a peak back to my older work. As a fresh-faced teenage, my friends and I forged a film out of miniDV tapes, scotch tape, and latex gloves. You can read more about the experience of making the movie (here = http://www.partyapocalypse.com/blog-blog-bloggy-blog/failure-and-rgm-at-15) and actually see the film itself (here = http://www.partyapocalypse.com/really-good-man/). A few years back, Bill Fisher and I explored the idea of sequels in comic book form. Some of that material is (here = https://rgmlives.tumblr.com), but one of the unproduced scripts appeared to be under 1000 words, and so I thought it would be a welcome addition here. As I looked over the script I wrote in 2013, it became clear that whatever worked about the idea rested in the visuals. Therefore, I decided to break with format and present the script in its entirety.

So, 18 years after I scribbled down the ideas for Really Good Man, and 16 years after people finally got to take a look at him, I submit one more chapter in his story, “More On This Story As It Develops.”





LEGEND: Night 1


A TV REPORTER and her NEWS CREW are working in an area of massive destruction.



The city of Tulsa has seen its share of 

unusual phenomena.  The strange storm 

patterns above the State University

Stadium, the bizarre anonymous editing

marks on signs all throughout the city,

but nothing is quite as bizarre as the

scene here in an Industrial Park near 

the corner of Harryhausen and Kurosawa.


Destruction is all that is left here, 

and while no one was hurt, this reporter

is only left with questions.


The only clue to what happened is this.


She holds up a tattered, scorched dishwashing glove.




Are housewives on the rampage in T-town?

More as this story develops.






LEGEND: Night 2

The reporter and her crew are reporting near a large building.  There is a large fifty-foot hole in the side of the building.



More unexplained destruction as another

area of town is left in ruin. While I 

am pleased to report that no one was 

hurt, this time there were some 

witnesses to the event.


The Reporter moves towards a VAGRANT sitting by the street.




And just what did you see here tonight?



He was big, as big as that there hole

in that there wall.  Came crashing 

through like some kind of wild dog.


And that’s when I saw him.  He moved

like lightning, except he was bright

green.  His eyes were dark like coal

and his hands glowed yellow like the 



I wouldn’t be speaking to you here 

today if it wasn’t for him.


The Reporter turns back to the camera.



Based on this citizen’s description,

the figure associated with these

mysterious disturbances looks some-

thing like this.


INSERT: A sketch of a large, lumbering figure.  The Mr. Hyde to Really Good Man’s Dr. Jekyll.  The dishwashing gloves are very much the same.




Is our town terrorized by a beast in 

dish-washing gloves?  More on this 

story as it develops.






LEGEND: Night 3

The scene is tranquil, the buildings are unharmed.  The reporter continues her coverage.



Sadly, our investigation has only 

created more questions. 


There are wild reports of a massive, 

explosive agent of destruction ripping 

through the city.


There are also equally strange reports—

mainly from perplexed drive-thru 

attendants—of a lightning fast white 

vehicle, with majestic wings attached.


And still other reports of a lone 

green-clad figure ensuring all innocent 

people are out of harm’s way before 

the destruction occurs.


We may never have the answers.  But

if our city does have some mysterious 

protector, this reporter would like 

to thank him.  More on th-


Off in the distance, we hear a loud scream.  Then, REALLY GOOD MAN runs up, out of breath, to where the news crew is working.



Sir, sir!  Channel 12 news!  Who are 

you? Are you here to protect us?  



Really Good Man looks perplexed that news crew would be here.





Before the reporter asks any more questions, Really Good Man is on the run again.  Just behind them, a GIANT MONSTER is wrecking everything in its path.  The reporters and Really Good Man flee.



Art by Eris O'Reilly

Art by Eris O'Reilly